SWG Sentinels Republic Wiki



  • Added 12 LS toughness throughout the skills
  • Added melee mitigation 1 to force melee defense III 
  • Added ranged mitigation 1 to force ranged defense III
  • Added taunt to novice defender
  • Changed Avoid Incap cost to 1.5x force if called before it has worn off


  • Changed Force run can to a toggle 
  • Increased Drain force to drain 150 
  • Increased force armor effectiveness to match new Defender toughness (41% and 57% damage reduction for 1 and 2 respectively)
  • Redued Force cost for Force Armor by 50% 
  • Changed Force Shield to cost the same force as Force Armor


  • Changed Force weaken to a percentage modifier, weaken 1 reduces HAM by 10%, weaken 2 reduces HAM by 20%.(PW)
  • Force throw hits Health/Action, now does LS damage.
  • Force Lightning does electricity damage, more damage, higher force cost and slower attack speed.
  • Changed Mind blast 1 and 2 to target the mind pool and do Blast damage.
  • Increased Force choke damage
  • Mind blast states now last 20s, up from 10s
  • Lower force cost on all Force Powers attacks.
  • Reduced cooldown on force knockdown 1, 2, and 3, and raised effectiveness
  • Reduced the cooldown and force cost of force intimidate 1 and 2


  • Saber block
    • PvP 70% max, -20% stunned, -10% blinded 
    • PvE 85% max, -10% stunned, -5% blinded 
  • Reduced force cost for attacks 10% 


  • Shortened the time it takes for the Old Man and Sith to show up
  • Shortened village phases to 1 week
  • Shortened the village missions for Dageerin to 1 hour intervals for stage 2 and 3
  • Reduced the amount of people required to heal in the village Phase 4, from 50/100 to 5/10


  • Improve health regen after channel force (twice as fast).
  • Added Jedi Crafting tapes 
  • Changed Holocron use cooldown to 3h
  • Added quest to drop Force Sensitive skills 
  • Improved chance of finding Sintari Prowlers

Other Profs

  • Added 5 toughness to master pikeman (Pike)
  • Changed Posture Down from Hit 3 to Stun 2 (Pike)
  • Changed Durindfire to use OQ/DR for effectiveness, so the stat can be calculated correctly (Chef)
  • Pistoleer:
    • Disarmingshot1: 30% Intimidate chance 15s duration.
    • Disarmingshot1: 50% Intimidate chance 30s duration, single target.
    • Stoppingshot: 100% chance to stun (before resists) with 45s duration.
    • DoubleTap: H/A damage.
  • Carbineer:
    • wildShot1: 30% chance to intimidate for 20s single target 64m
    • wildShot2: 30% chance to intimidate for 20s in a 30 degree 24m cone
  • Increased buff duration for Entertainer District cities to 3 hours (Entertainer)
  • Increased music xp when crafting instruments (Entertainer)
  • Increase performance range from 10m to 15m (Entertainer)
  • Reduced Flourish action cost (Entertainer)
  • Increased survey tool range for maxed surveyors (Artisan)
  • Added new skill of rapid fire and other fixes (Commando)
  • Increased damage of Leg Shot 3. It is currently the same damage as Leg Shot 2. From 2x to 3.5x (split the difference of rifles and pistols) (Carbineer)
  • Improved amount of eggs found, scale with scout/ranger - master ranger gets about 3x (Scout/Ranger)
  • Improved chance find eggs in a lair (Scout/Ranger)
  • Improved Make milking scale with scout/ranger - master ranger gets about 3x (Scout/Ranger)
  • Improved Minimum Creature Harvesting amount set to 10 Units in caves (Scout/Ranger)
  • Added BF healing to ranger camps (Ranger)
  • Action Buffs take same resources as the rest (Doctor)

Skill Point Changes

  • Reduce skill point cost of Novice Artisan to 5
  • Reduced skill point cost of Novice Entertainer to 0
  • Reduced skill point cost of each Entertainer tier from 2, 3, 4, 5 to 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Reduced skill point cost of Novice Scout to 5
  • Reduced skill point cost of Trapping and Survival trees from 2, 3, 4, 5 to 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Removed skill point requirement for Merchant
  • Removed xp requirement for Politician

AA/CA changes

  • Added names to AAs/CAs so they show the skill. Double skill tapes have been removed
  • Removed useless Skill Enhancing Attachments
  • Added Flamethrower Accuracy AA
  • Added Flamethrower Speed AA
  • Added Heavy Acid Rifle Accuracy AA
  • Added Heavy Acid Rifle Speed AA
  • Added Medicine use tapes
  • Added Combat medicine effectiveness tapes


  • Added a small chance for crystals to DWB mobs
  • Added loot tables to the SBDs in DWB.
  • Added razor knuckler schematic to DWB mob loot tables.
  • Changed Lantern Birds of Endor to drop avian meat
  • Changed loot tables for Acklay
  • Increased loot chance on Acklay.
  • Increased loot chance on DWB mobs.
  • Increased loot chance on Fire Spider.
  • Increased loot chance on Giant Wampa.
  • Increased loot chance on Janta Blood.
  • Increased loot chance on Kryat Pearls.
  • Increased loot chance on Sith Spirits.
  • Adjusted Axkva Min, she should no longer be able to 1-shot
  • Added craftable rings with stats based on looted components
  • Added Hoth Items
  • Added custom painting for May the 4th
  • Added Cybernetics schematics
  • Added Dark Jedi Furniture schematics
  • Added Data Disk and Jellyfish Holograms
  • Added lootable NS and SMC clothes to NS and SMC respectively
  • Added new melee weapon components and schematics
  • Added new vehicle schematic
  • Added Xeno Furniture schematics
  • Changed Mawgax to carnivore meat instead of domesticated meat
  • Reduced Mawgax youth meat drop
  • Slight increase to drop chance on Giant Dune Kimogilas
  • Increased chance overall for Giant Dune Kimogila scales


  • Added AT-XT for Rebels with custom texture
  • Added Rebel Command BARC schematic to the Rebel recruiter
  • Added Rebel Marine armor schematics with composite stats to the Rebel recruiter
  • Added Imperial Command BARC schematic to the Imperial recruiter
  • Added Stormtrooper armor schematics with composite stats to the Imperial recruiter


  • Reduced Crafting Tool Timer to 1 second
  • Reduced Factory Times to 5 seconds per item
  • Increased Factory Crate size to 1k
  • Increased resource containers size to 1m 
  • Added post-craft color change to all clothing and armor
  • Improve chance of 4 sockets for Maxed Tailor and Armorsmith
  • Increased Auction credit listing from 20k to 30k credits, Raise max number of items from 25 to 30, Lower cost for Bazaar from 20 to 10
  • Increased Vendor listing time from 30 to 90 days
  • Removed species restrictions on clothing and armor
  • Increased BER on Harvesters
  • Added automated resource upload to GH every 2 hours


  • Changed Missions so they are named with CL and target
  • Changed group payouts so all members in range get the full payout
  • Changed Nym's Slugthrower to kinetic damage
  • Changed Tusken Rifle to kinetic damage
  • Changed the number of normal missions at one time to 4. Bounty hunters missions is still only 1
  • Removed fill on death so you can rebuff your food and drink

NGE Housing Bonuses

  • Commando: Armor and Weapon Smith Assembly +10, Experimentation +5 and Repair +5
  • Jedi Meditation: Light Sabre Assembly +10, and Experimentation +5
  • Sith Meditation: Light Sabre Assembly +10, and Experimentation +5
  • VIP bunker: Tailor Assembly +10, Experimentation +5 and Repair +5
  • Diner: Chef Assembly +10, Experimentation +5 and Repair +5
  • Sandcrawler: Droid Engineer and Structure Assembly +10, Experimentation +5
  • Tree House: Bio-Engineer Assembly +10, Experimentation +5
  • Vehicle Garage: Artisan Assembly +10, Experimentation +5
  • Player Hospital: Med Assembly +10, Experimentation+5, Med buff 115
  • Relaxation House: Salon

Spice Changes (D = Duration, H = Health S = Strength, St = Stamina, A = Action etc.)

  • Sweetblossum - H:750, S:450, C:450, D:200
  • Yarrock - M:300, F:300, W:300, D:1200
  • Pyrepenol - A:750, St:450, Q:450, D:300
  • Sedative h4B - H:1250, A:1250, M:1250 D:180
  • Zyopolene Droid - W:1250, D:180
  • Crash and Burn - A:300, St:300, Q:300, D:1200
  • Gunjack - H:300, S:300, C:300, D:1200
  • Thrusterhead - M:750, F:450, W:450, D:300
  • Booster Blue - H:200, S:200, C:200, A:200, St:200, Q:200, D:600

BE Tissue Changes

  • Confidence Cloth: block/dodge
  • Fear Release: warcry/intimidate
  • Toughened Fibers: stun/ranged
  • Tensile Resistance: stun/melee
  • Passive reflex: healing range/
  • Visual Camouflage: take cover/
  • Bio Nanobots:Droid find speed/droid find chance
  • Scent neutralization: camouflage/mask scent
  • Constrictor Cloth: dizzy/
  • Coagulant Agents: bleeding defense/
  • Passive Tranquilizers: harvesting/camps
  • Active Tranquilizers: tame on aggro/ tame aggro
  • Passive Biosensors: medical use/ healing wound speed 
  • Active Biosensors: injury treatment/wound treatment
  • Myoflex Cloth Treatment: heal dance bf/heal music bf
  • Enhanced Myoflex Treatment: heal dance wounds/heal music wounds


  • Increased the range of the /board command for shuttles 
  • Increased Shuttle Ticket purchase range from 8m->20m
  • Added the ability to fly from any NPC shuttle or starport to any NPC shuttle or starport regardless of planet
  • Added Broadcast announcement when a new character is created in the Galaxy
  • Added Pitch, Roll and Yaw commands.
  • Changed /paymaintenance command subtracts from cash or bank (if cash is empty)
  • Added Galaxy group invite 
  • Increased Group size to 50
  • Removed the range limitation of /makeleader command
  • Changed vehicle deeds to look like the bike in inventory, examination and housing
  • Fixed most belts to not hoola hoop when wearing them
  • Increased number of stored items in a house to cost in lots * 200 (a house worth 2 lots will hold 400 items)
  • Reduced decay on Bikes
  • Reduced garden costs by 10%
  • Reduced City population requirements to 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10
  • Reduced pet and droid summons to 5 seconds
  • Reduced Vehicle call time to 5s, 15s with TEF
  • Increased default number of stored pets to 5, faction pets to 5, vehicles to 5
  • Added Buff Removal Terminals in Theed Medical Center
  • Added new vet rewards up to 360 days
  • Added SEA Removal Tool Vendor to Geo caves 
  • Increased Twi'leks secondary action stats limits