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NOTE: Hutts combat animations are bugged. The only combat profession that will work is unarmed.

Hutts were a massive slug-like species who had large mouths and stubby arms. They were tough and muscular with thick leathery skin, which was wrinkled and slimy.  Hutts often had watery eyes and slack facial expressions.  Despite their legendary adult size, Hutts start out as tiny Huttlets less than half a meter in height.

Their homeworld of Nal Hutta had a hot atmosphere and was frequently streaked by greasy rains, creating a fetid sauna in which Hutts were most comfortable. Hutts could live for centuries Jabba was 604 when he was killed and could grow to enormous sizes.  Some Hutts suffered from a genetic defect that caused their skin to be bereft of pigment and prone to cracking.

The Hutts were crime lords who lived opulent lives overseeing criminal underworld activities like spice smuggling, slavery, gambling and bounty hunting in Hutt Space. They were typically obese, with the muscular Nar Shaddaa kingpin Grakkus being an exception who proved the rule.

The Hutt Clan was divided into families known as kajidics: Jabba's family was the Desilijic kajidic, whose sigil was tattooed on his arm. Hutts bandaged and buried their dead.  The Hutts believed that at least one of their own, Boonta Hestilic Shad'ruu, had ascended to godhood, and held the Boonta Eve holiday in their honor.