An amphibious species with fishlike faces and huge eyes, the Mon Calamari are among the galaxy's most peaceful and intelligent beings. They are a colorful species, with skin tones ranging the full spectrum of known hues. Many Mon Cal are also marked by vibrant spots or stripes. 

The Mon Calamari are native to a watery world of the same name. They can survive underwater for long periods of time and are powerful swimmers. The Mon Cal are also psychologically attuned to their environment. When visiting wet, cool planets they become very energetic and cheerful; in contrast, they may be quite depressed and languid on hot, dry worlds. 

The idealistic Mon Cal enjoy a progressive society that promotes the values of justice and peace. They are tireless explorers, but seek out other planets for knowledge rather than conquest. As individuals, they may seem soft-spoken, gentle, determined, and generous. They control their emotions well and have a nearly superhuman capacity for intense concentration. More impulsive species may view the Mon Cal as extremely stubborn. Mon Cal speak Basic and Mon Calamari. 

The Mon Cal are one of the many species victimized by the Galactic Empire. Many Mon Cal have been forced to build weapons and starships for the Imperial forces while others serve as personal assistants to high-ranking Imperial officers. In defiance of the Empire, those Mon Cal who still travel the galaxy often find themselves working for the Rebel Alliance.

Throughout the galaxy, Mon Cal are probably best-known for their great scientific knowledge and mechanical aptitude. In particular, they are widely respected for their striking starships, each a unique fusion of art and engineering. But Mon Cal certainly aren't limited to intellectual pursuits; they can also apply their great intelligence to exploration, tactical combat, and even complete mastery of weapons.