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Rodians are slight humanoids with large, multifaceted eyes, flexible snouts, and short antennae. They typically have greenish skin, although some members of the species may be blue, purple or even pale white. Rodians are native to Rodia, an industrial planet in the Tyrius system.

Rodians are widely distrusted by other species, who consider the Rodians to be generally greedy, immoral, and violent. Much of this reputation stems from Rodian culture, which romanticizes death and the hunt. In addition, the species reveres bounty hunters. The most successful hunters are presented with an array of rewards, including such coveted awards as "Best Capture," "Longest Hunt," and "Most Kills." 

On Rodia, the species lives in violent clans that wage long and devastating wars against one another. Immense gladiator games are also a frequent occurrence. To support their constant warfare, Rodian industry revolves around building weapons, armors, and vehicles. Manufacturing facilities dominate the landscape, devastating the once lush and tropical Rodian ecology. Many life-forms have become extinct on Rodia and most food and material goods must be imported to the planet.  

Surprisingly, Rodians are skilled dramatists and their theatrical work is respected throughout the galaxy. After realizing that they were driving themselves toward extinction, the species developed drama in order to enact violence without actually killing one another. Their early plays were nothing more than mock battles, but later generations began converting Rodian drama into a true art form. All Rodian drama, however, contains a great deal of bloodshed and death.

Rodians speak Rodese, although those who leave the planet quickly learn Basic as well. In the Outer Rim, where many expatriate Rodians have settled, the species has mastered Huttese and uses it almost exclusively.

Traditionally, Rodian society has been tightly controlled by the Rodian Grand Protector, with only the most accomplished hunters allowed to leave their planet. However, Rodians are becoming increasingly independent. A number of "peaceful" clans actually exist, although such clans are usually exiled from Rodia when they are discovered. In addition, those Rodians who chafe under the Grand Protector's rule or become weary of the constant bloodshed on their homeworld can almost always find a way to escape the planet.

Rodians encountered abroad tend to be much more introspective and well-rounded than their brethren. They are still quick and agile, but are not necessarily prone to extreme violence. While many still become bounty hunters or mercenaries, Rodians can be found in all professions. Some of the most successful Rodians are dramatic actors, while others become famous musicians, dancers, and other entertainers.