Sullustans are affable, gregarious creatures known for their jowled faces and chattering language. Planet Sullust is a barren, volcanic world smothered by a heavy toxic cloud. Sullustans thrive in tunnels deep beneath the planet surface where they have constructed highly advanced, startlingly beautiful cities. Wealthy sightseers from halfway across the galaxy tour the hot-springs of Sullust and enjoy exotic delicacies such as "drutash grubs" (which are best served with omaton sauce).

Evolving in a network of dark, mazelike warrens imbued the species with an unfailing sense of direction. Once a Sullustan has traveled a path, the way is never forgotten. This innate skill even extends to hyperspace, making Sullustans prized as star navigators and explorers.

SoroSuub, one of the galaxy's largest manufacturing conglomerates, is based on Sullust and employs half of the population in its mining, production and packaging departments. The company makes hundreds of products, from injecto-kit shoes and battle armor to the XP-38 landspeeder. SoroSuub is an ardent supporter of the Galactic Empire, and has taken great pains to ensure that its legion of Sullustan workers never breathes a word of dissent. Even so, many Sullustans have taken issue with this policy, and have shared their loyalty with the Rebel Alliance