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Zabrak are humanoids with prominent vestigial horns and well-developed mental willpower. The species is divided into a number of different races, each exhibiting different horn patterns. Zabrak are also fond of intricate facial tattoos designed to reflect their individual personalities.

Zabrak were one of the earliest spacefaring species and they have explored large sections of the galaxy. Their homeworld of Iridonia is a frighteningly harsh planet, which has led many Zabrak to settle on other worlds, including Talus and Corellia. The Zabrak also maintain eight colonies throughout the Mid Rim region of space, and most Zabrak actually identify themselves by their colony first and foremost. All members of the species speak Zabraki and Basic, but they may adopt local languages as well.

As fitting with their pioneer spirit, Zabrak are viewed as independent and strong-willed. Iridonia and the major colonies have steadfastly resisted Imperial control, although some individual Zabrak have become servants of the Empire. In response to general Zabrak defiance, the Empire is in the process of garrisoning the Zabrak colony worlds and Imperializing the species' companies. This has forced many Zabrak back into the spacelanes. 

Zabrak are proud, strong, and confident beings. They believe that nothing is truly impossible and will strive to prove skeptics wrong at every turn. Some Zabrak carry themselves with an air of superiority, and they frequently discuss the achievements of their species and home colonies with a pride that can border on arrogance. As warriors or adventurers, Zabrak tend to be dedicated, intense, and extremely focused. 

Zabrak are still considered among the galaxy's most prominent explorers, but their personalities, survival instincts, and incredible willpower also make Zabrak well-suited to nearly any adventuring profession.