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The content needs to be organized, something like

Planets is the parent page, which includes a link to all of the planets, then from there you have the planets themselves.

For game content, we need to figure out how we want to organize it. Probably: /planets/dromund_kaas/location/kaas_city_ruins ? NPCs and Creatures /planets/dromund_kaas/mobile/gundark ?

It's easy to just include content from other pages, so doing it this way means we can separate and consolidate whenever we need to. We can also use categories to group items.

Items also needs some organization, they should probably be done by type "/weapon/teras_kasi/bio_knuckler" then categorized by "something kaas" or a few other related terms and then included on the ancient_terentatek world boss page as a reward and also the /professions/weaponsmith/ page, or maybe /professions/weaponsmith/schematics ?

Item components can be /professions/weaponsmith/components/gundark_ear and included under the /planets/dromund_kaas/mobile/gundark_earless_leader page as loot. As well as included on the /planets/dromund_kaas/location/gundark_cave page and event the /professions/weaponsmith/schematics/bio_knuckler page as a required components.

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